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Die internetpräsenzen "Skoliose-op-info" und "Skoliose-op-forum" dienen keinerlei kommerziellem Interesse und sind kostenlos zugänglich! Sie beruhen allein auf dem persönlichen Engagement Betroffener! Die mittel zur Bereitstellung der seiten stellen wir in erster Linie selber. Spenden werden die kosten zu einem gewissen teil abgedeckt. Werbung verzichten wir. Die informationen, die im "Skoliose-op-forum" und auf "Skoliose-op-info" gegeben werden, sind von laien für laien (in. Ausnahmefällen sind die entsprechenden beiträge gekennzeichnet). Sie können und sollen in keinem Fall eine ärztliche beratung, diagnose oder Behandlung ersetzen, sie können aber den dialog zwischen Patient und Arzt sinnvoll ergänzen und unterstützen.

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Clothes in loose-fitting styles will easily cover your brace. As long as your doctor approves, you will be able to remove your brace to play sports or do other recreational activities. What happens if I dont wear a brace? If your doctor recommends a brace and you choose not to wear it, then you run the risk of your curve getting pending on how big your curve gets, you may need surgery to correct. Or you may choose to do nothing about the curve and run the risk of it continuing to increase. This may cause various medical and quality of life issues later in your life. What factors influence the recommendation for surgery? Area of the spine involved severity of the scoliosis Presence of increased or decreased kyphosis pain (rare in adolescents, more common in adults) Growth remaining Personal factors What questions should i ask my doctor and/or surgeon regarding costs, risks and complications if surgery is recommended?

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There are some cases, however, where the curve continues to grow even though a brace is worn. So bracing can work, but doctors need more research to show when and how bracing can be even more effective. How long will I need to wear the brace? Can I wear it at night only? You need to wear a brace until your spine stops growing. This timing varies quite a bit from person to person.


Your doctor will check your brace and the status of your growth every 4 to 6 months. The amount of time each day that you have to wear the brace depends upon several things, including your growth and the type of brace you e most common daytime braces are worn 16 to 23 hours each me braces are worn only while you. Your doctor will advise you about which brace and wearing time is best for you. What will it be like to wear a brace? It may take some practice to get used to putting on your brace, but soon you will become an expert.

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The position and rotation of some of the vertebrae in your spine. Any other medical conditions you may have. What does a brace look like? There are two major kinds of braces: plastic (rigid) braces and soft (dynamic) elastic braces. A rigid brace is like a shell that covers the front and back of your upper bodygenerally from under the armpits down to the pelvis.

The brace usually fastens with three velcro straps, and can easily be removed to take showers or do other activities. Some plastic braces appear straight (symmetrical while others curve in and out (asymmetrical). The soft braces use elastic straps, velcro, and various smaller plastic or metal pieces to put the brace into the shape that is best for your type of curve, and help keep it in place as you move around. Whether you need a plastic or soft brace, your orthotist will custom-make your brace to comfortably fit your body. Several research studies show that bracing for scoliosis can keep your spinal curve from growing large enough to require surgery. Your curve will most likely get smaller as it is being held in the brace. When your spine is fully grown and you stop wearing the brace, your scoliosis curve will eventually go back to its original size. In some cases, the curve stays smaller after bracing treatment.

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Early detection while diagnose the patient is still growing. Mild to moderate curvature, regular examination by the orthopaedic surgeon. A well-fitted brace that is replaced warmtecompressen if the child outgrows. A cooperative patient and supportive family, maintenance of normal activities, including exercise, dance training, and athletics, with elective time out of the brace for these activities as supervised by the physician. If my doctor recommends bracing: What kind of a brace will I need and why? There are many types of braces, all designed to prevent curves from increasing as the adolescent grows. Your doctor will work with an orthotist (a professional who makes assistive devices like braces) to recommend the best type of brace for you. The kind of brace you need depends upon several factors, such as: Where your curve is located on your spine. The flexibility of your curve, the number of curves you have.

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Surgery can be performed for smaller curves if the appearance of the curvature is bothersome zware to the patient or if symptoms are associated with the scoliosis in the adult patient. The goals of surgical treatment are to obtain curve correction and to prevent curve progression by fusing the spine at the optimum degree of safe correction of the deformity. This is generally achieved by placing metal implants onto the spine that are then attached to rods, which correct the spine curvature and hold it in the corrected position until fusion, or knitting of the spine elements together. How is treatment determined for adolescents? In planning a child's treatment, a doctor will take into account how severe the child's curve is and where it occurs in the spine. The child's age is also an important factor — if the child's spine is still growing, it will affect treatment choices. The doctor will determine how likely it is that the curve will get worse, and then suggest treatment options to meet the child's specific needs. Most scoliosis surgeons agree that children who have very severe curves (50 degrees and higher) will need surgery to lessen the curve and prevent it from getting worse. What does successful brace treatment require?

Status of menses/puberty, patient gender, curve worsening, associated symptoms such as back pain or shortness of breath. What are treatment options for spinal deformities? The treatment options for scoliosis fall into three main photo categories: Observation of scoliosis, observation is for curves that have a small degree measurement when patients are growing (adolescent scoliosis or for moderate size curves ( 40-45 degrees) when patients are done growing. For adults, observation and physical therapy are for those patients who have mild symptoms and have curves that are not large. Nonoperative treatment, nonoperative treatment, such as bracing, is for curves between 25 and 45 degrees in growing children to prevent further progression of the curve while growth of the spine remains. The goal of bracing is to prevent further progression since the brace cannot correct curves. Surgical treatment, surgical treatment is reserved for curves which are generally greater than 50 degrees for adolescent patients and adults.

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Home : Patients and Families : Common questions glossary : Treatment coping, is treatment recommended in most scoliosis cases? In 90 percent of cases, scoliotic curves are mild and do not require active treatment. In the growing adolescent, it is very important that curves be monitored for change by periodic examination and standing x-rays as needed. Increases blood in spinal deformity require evaluation by an orthopaedic surgeon to determine if active treatment is required. What factors determine treatment for scoliosis? Patient age, bone age (the maturation of bone is not always the same as the chronological age). Degree of curvature, location of curve in the spine.

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